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About Quippsy

What is Quippsy?

Quippsy is the new way to remember and share all the cute, smart and funny things your kids say every day. Add photos. Add video. Even post to Facebook. We like to describe it as the social time capsule for your quotable kids!

Why Quippsy? Can't I just use Facebook?

You can, but check this out: Why wade through years of Timeline posts just to find all the great quotes? Here, you can keep them all in one place, and even compile them all into a hardbound keepsake memory book. Plus, every week your quotes could be featured as the very cutest, smartest, or funniest.

Also, you can still post all your Quipps to Facebook anyway! When you log in with Facebook, it's easy to post to your Timeline and share with your friends.

How can I guard my kids' privacy?

A multitude of privacy settings ensure your information is as private as you want it. In addition:

  • Profiles are basic enough that we do not ask for very much sensitive information
  • Birthdates are never displayed to anyone
  • Last names are not displayed on the site, except to your friends

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What if I don't have kids?

Surely you know someone who does! When you become friends with them, you can quote their kids.

How do I get upvotes?

Other members upvote your Quipps by choosing the most fitting category: cute, smart, or funny. If they get enough upvotes, your Quipps are promoted to our "Best Quipps" section, and are eligible to win our weekly contest every DAY_AND_TIME_OF_CONTEST.

So...how do I get upvotes?

Keep posting great Quipps and encourage your friends to join and vote!

How can I tell my friends about Quippsy?

Log in with Facebook and you can find your friends automatically and share Quipps with a single click. If you are not on Facebook, that's ok, you can still invite friends via e-mail.

What is the difference between friends and followers?

When you send someone a friend request and they approve it, you have permission to quote their kids. Following someone just means you will see more of their Quipps on the home page.

How do I get started?

Sign up here! Then start exploring by reading some of the most recent Quipps. Next, post some of your own and start winning some contests!

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