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Maggie P.'s Quipps


"I'm sorry, Mommy. Some people just like ice cream."

~Maggie, age 5, Maggie's explanation when she was busted for eating a carton of ice cream without permission.

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So true. Some people do just like ice cream.


"Um, Miss Maggie? Sorry, but my deodorant is probably not going to work today. It's freezing out there, and my deodorant is heat-activated."

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~Bartley, age 10

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"I just reached the final stage of puberty:mouthwash."

~Bartley, 5th grade

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Nick:"Whose folder is that on your desk?"

Me: "It's for a new student I'm going to start tutoring today right after you."

Nick: "Ohhh... seeing other people,are you?"

~A little kid I know

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